2.5 Remote Reservoir 8 Way Adjustable Coil Over


  • Bore 60mm
  • Shaft 22mm
  • 16mm/5/8″ bolt hole diameter on both ends make it strong
  • Teflon piston provides the ultimate performance
  • 100% QC tested
  • Aluminum components are machined
  • “F” in the part number means FINTUBE

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Profender Coil Over Shocks came out when one of their high-end market customers requested for it. The customers are very familiar with our Remote Reservoir which is known for its excellent performance. Our design team can calculate for many types of vehicles. We have designed and customized for our customers in many different countries who use different types of vehicle. We can design and customize its damping force to suit any use.  Profender can customize them to suit all your needs. In Universal application, we have many varieties of travel to suit our customers’ needs. Plain Bearing Ball is self lubricant and suited for heavy duty use or even in competitions.

The Profender 2.5 Coilover is ideal for any vehicle from a recreational Buggy to a Ultra4 race vehicle.

The coilovers come in a variety of sizes from 10-16 inch travel.

Profender shocks are fully rebuildable, servicable and retuneable. This means you only have to buy them once and you can alter them if you change the weights of the vehicle or you put them in another vehicle.

All spare parts are available and Profender can rebuild, service or revalve these shocks. Or if you have the time Profender can supply you with shims and spares if needed to do any tuning that may be required.

The 2.5″ body design allows for damping control over a longer time over the smaller 2.0 design.

When choosing coils you generally use a 2″ longer bottom coil and the same size top coil as the travel of the shocks.

For a 10″ coilover choose a 12″ lower and 12″ upper coil.
For a 12″ coilover choose a 14″ lower and 12″ upper coil.
For a 13″ coilover choose a 16″ lower and 14″ upper coil.
For a 14″ coilover choose a 16″ lower and 14″ upper coil.
For a 16″ coilover choose a 18″ lower and 16″ upper coil.


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Part Number Travel Open Length Closed Length
COBA-10-30F-16 10" 30" 20"
COBA-11-32-16 11" 32" 21"
COBA-11-32F-16 11" 32" 21"
COBA-12-34F-16 12" 34" 22"
COBA-13-36F-16 13" 36" 23"
COBA-14-38F-16 14" 38" 24"
COBA-15-40F-16 15" 40" 25"
COBA-16-42F-16 16" 42" 26"