Thread Body Bumpstop 2.0

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Piston 46mm, Shaft 32mm, Outer Body 52mm
Chrome+3 Surface
Adjustable Pressure Min 100 psi, Max 400 psi
Available on travel 2″ and 3″
Mounting can included

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Profender Bumpstop Series allows travel shocks to reach the maximum performance as needed. The Profender Bumpstop Thread Body is the ultimate solution to provide an additional level of bottoming control, so that you are able to use the full range of your suspension travel without taking the risk to damage parts of your suspension. With the Bumpstops important components will be protected to take damage as the result of hard hits.

1 review for Thread Body Bumpstop 2.0

  1. profender

    Wow Bethenny, wow.

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Part Number Travel Open Length Closed Length Outer Body Shaft OIL VOLUME
BST-2000 2" 10" 8" 52x175 32x155 50 cc
BST-3000 3" 12" 9" 52x200 32x180 70 cc